Petro- & oleochemicals

Loss of production at a manufacturing facility can cost thousands of euros per hour. In each case the machinery represents a significant investment and is often critical that it remains operational. Automated sample preparation for product analysis can give you confidence to control your equipment and production facility.

Nucomat has developed different automated solutions for e.g. sample preparation of used oils, gas-chromatographic analysis of polymers, etc.

Some Realizations

Used Oil Sample Splitter

The automated UOSS system transfers used oil from a mother bottle to 7 daughter vials

  • 2 viscosity tubes
  • An IR tube
  • An ICP tube
  • A Karl Fischer vial
  • A TBN/TAN recipient
  • A recipient for flash point analysis

The transferred oil can be diluted with solvent. The greatest advantages of this automated process are the reduction of monotonous work for the laboratory staff and the increased capacity of the lab. The system is constructed to analyze up to 40 samples per hour, and to run up to 80 samples without the need of laboratory staff being present.