VIAL FILLER, Sterile micro volume

Automated high precision filling of vial batches in sterile conditions


Are you looking for a solution for precise and reliable small volume vial filling for your production line that only requires attention of the operators twice a day?  Dealing with volumes between 100 µl and 2 ml, need ful data tracking?  This filler unit may offer a quick solution to your needs.

Automated reagent filler

Nucomat has engineered a compact and flexible automated platform for unattended vial dispensing provided inside a safety enclosure. This unit is ready for installation and just requires your input settings and a user training to get you going with accurately filling batches of research grade reagents and kit solutions in screwcap vials.

Your benefits

  • Throughput: 80 vials/h,  up to 1600 vials/day.
  • Traceable and repeatable hands-off 24/7 reliable operation.
  • Stand-alone workflow with data integration possibility.
  • Compact 1.0 x 2.3 m cabinet,
    2.4m high, ready for installation,
    0.5 x 0.5 m floor mounted cooler.

Dispenser Features

  • Dispensing with 1ml high precision Hamilton syringe, accuracy 10µl, precision 0.5µl.
  • Gravimetric control of dispensed mass at 1 mg resolution.
  • Sterile: HEPA filtered laminar flow.
  • Capacity:  up to 810 vials per load (10 output racks of 9×9 vials)
  • Cooling: Output vial rack and reagent source cooling to +2°C.
  • Dual Labeling, on vial and cap:
    • Vial label: Vial Id, manufacturer logo, volume, lot nr., expiry date, storage temperature, etc.
    • Cap label with vial Id.
    • Content and layout can be configured to meet your requirements.
  • Input flasks 15ml, 50ml, 250ml and 500ml, Output vials: Nalgene screw cap 0.5 ml to 2 ml.
  • Space saving overhead Cartesian robotics with Reproducible operation, built to last.
  • Bulk vial feeder with funnel load from front panel.
  • Operator safety: Safety lock, with interrupt on unauthorized opening.
  • Minimal energy requirement: 120-230V 10Amp, Compressed air 4-6 bar <64L/min, LAN connection.
Front output rack view, with the cartesian vial gripper positioned left in front of the dispenser unit. label printers on the right.

Central web based software

  • ROBIN: Nucomat’s proprietary real-time event-driven scheduling software for process control
  • Web interface for local and remote operation:
    • run samples
    • oversee the processes
    • edit protocol parameters
    • error handling, smart retry, run recovery.
  • Sample Database
    • sample tracking with gravimetric dispense control logging
    • event logging
    • data import, export and reporting, integrated data managementcompatible.