Consumer & Health Products

The home care industry is faced with increasing raw material prices and stricter regulations. Additionally, there is an industrial desire and a consumer demand to replace conventional components with naturally derived, sustainably sourced and biodegradable alternatives. However, this results in a number of challenges regarding product performance and stability.

Nucomat offers automated sample preparation solutions for automated quality control analysis of your products: e.g. routine analysis of food products, formulation stability testing, etc.

Some Realizations


The automated system allows for multi-parameter data collection on live pathogens of high or unknown biosafety risk.
The Caps-It system contains multiple customized subsystems to assure safe and efficient plate handling.

  • Incubator assembly (4 systems)
  • Liquid handler assembly (2 systems)
  • High-content imager assembly (2 systems)
  • Plate reader assembly (2 systems)
  • Plate washer assembly (2 systems)
  • Liquid waste handling assembly (2 systems)
  • Dark plate store

The Caps-It system is integrated in an isolator system.

See also:

Automated Stability Testing Platform for Liquid Formulations

This platform allows for automated stability testing of liquid formulations. The systems consist of 6 trolleys which can be equipped with advanced measurement techniques as well as a separate area with 4 climate chambers.
The advanced scheduling software controls the different ageing and measurement protocols for all samples.
Capacity of the system amounts to more than 1500 samples.

Automated Labeller and Dispenser

The automated system concerns a lab application to distribute liquid aliquots in microcentrifuge tubes of 0,5ml or 1,5 ml. Liquid transfer is performed under laminar flow. The system is able to provide individual tubes from a bulk feed, controlled liquid transfer on a balance and labelling of 120 samples per hour. A vibration hopper with capacity for 1200 tubes feeds closed microcentrifuge tubes to a vertical lift that brings the tubes within reach of the XYZ robot. New tubes coming from the vibrator are capped. The labelled tubes first get decapped, receive the aliquot volume, and afterwards capped again. Prepared tubes are exported in 13x13cm trays with 100 positions.