Mining & Recycling

In the traditional mining & recycling analytical laboratory, all processes – from logging-in samples to executing the sample preparation – are performed manually. This results in a very labour-intensive and time-consuming process. On the other hand, automation can significantly speed up the analytical processes, reducing the processing time and improving the quality of analysis.

Nucomat has developed several automated sample preparation systems to perform wet chemistry digestion of ore samples. Applications include gold analysis from silver prills, etc.

Some Realizations


For the analysis of mining blastholes, many different chemical analyses are performed (e.g. AAS and/or ICP). The sample preparation procedure typically involves the dissolution of grinded ground samples using concentrated acids. This process is very dangerous when it is executed manually. The automation of the sample prep process results in several advantages; such as improved safety in the lab, an increased throughput of samples (up to 460 samples a day) and possibility to run the machine under a 24/7 regime.


Nucomat has engineered an automated platform for determining copper concentration in concentrated ore samples, typically containing 10% to 50% copper. The platform provides industrial scale analytical capacity to process samples, exceeding 250 samples per day.
The system gravimetrically dispenses replicate powder samples at pre-set weights (between 100 and 1000 mg), followed by automated Hotcell acid dissolution and leaching steps. Finally the system performs Iodometric titration using the colour change of starch as readout, similar to the manual process. Calibration is performed with pure copper reference material to ensure accurate results.


Nucomat, a laboratory automation specialist for several decades, presents a modular unit for multiple acid dispensing and sample digestion enabling simple push button operation.

The compact sample preparation unit is a mobile laboratory instrument that includes pneumatically operated refill pumps for endless operation from a remote bulk container.


The automated Silverprill system enables to analyse the presence of different elements by dissolving grinded ground samples. The system can be equipped with an AA instrument for inline chemical analysis. Through automation of the sample prep process, the system offers an increased quality and safety of the sample prep procedure. Sample throughput can reach up to 1500 samples a day.