Mining & Recycling

The traditional mining & recycling analytical laboratory requires all processes from logging-in samples to executing the sample preparation manually. As a result, the mining & recycling process is labour-intensive, and since the control samples require a fast turnaround time, the need for manual labour only increases. Whereas, in an automated mining & recycling laboratory, the mining samples are advanced through analytical processes without the need for manual labour, reducing the processing time and improving the quality of analysis.

Nucomat has developed several automated sample preparation systems to perform wet chemistry digestion of ore samples. Applications include gold analysis from silver prills, etc.

Some Realizations


During research and analysis of mining blastholes, many different analyses are done. The procedure involved in this automation project is to dissolve grinded ground samples using concentrated acids to analyse them for the presence of different elements using a AAS and/or ICP. The process is very dangerous when it is done manually. By automating the process, a variety of advantages are created like a healthier climate in the lab, an increase of samples analyzed a day; up to 460 a day and continuously running 24/24 of the machine.


The Automated Silverprill system is built on its inline AA instrument. This system can analyse the presence of different elements by dissolving grinded ground samples. As well as our WetChem system, this execution can be very dangerous when this is done manually. By using this system, your daily number of samples will grow strongly up to 1500 samples a day.


The high speed automated dispenser can be used for reagent or acid gravimetric dispensing in a very fast and accurate safe way. It is perfect for any laboratory that requires fast reagent additions to standard test tubes.

By a pre-programmed microcontroller and a web-interface, the system is extremely user-friendly and accessible by any PC, smartphone, or tablet connection.

Maintenance free pneumatic driven precision pumps, in combination of PTFE-tubing, are making the system very reliable. The complete system is embedded into a safety enclosure.